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Cyberstop is the first global decentralized streaming nfts usage, sharing, distribution, exploration, and trading platform, on both HECO and BSC

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Work with us to create and sell your own digital content


Minting of NFTs

Tokenize the digital content and affordable minting of them into unique digitals assets with blockchain-managed ownership.

Discover tokenized digital content

Discover certified digital assets published by creators from all over the world. Welcome to the metaverse of content.

Buying and selling

Purchase assets at auction. Once you own one, you can resell it to other collectors in the secondary market.

Securitization of NFTs

Developing functionalities for leasing NFTs and getting loans with NFTs as collateral.

One stop user experience

Digital transformation is about talent, not technology. Trading with us is as smooth as selling something on Ebay.

Earn lifetime income through selling and resale.

Creator always receives a cut of sales from the secondary market, they can choose what percentage it is.

Fundraise for dream achieving

The Creator could tokenize their script, blueprint, or drafts of work and sell it, while other users who believe in it may invest and get the share they paid for.

Most diversified content

CyberStop is the first platform to support encrypted streaming content (ESC) and AI-generated content.

Low and fixed cost

Cyberstop charges a fixed commission rate for all trade. The system may reward those who participate in the transaction.

What is CERT

Verified users with a certain amount of tokens will enjoy a series of benefits.

Enable transactions to be settled

CERT is a reference currency for all tokens, It could be used to trade NFTs and pay for the commission fee.

Promote NFTs in a diversified way

Tokens could be used to increase the exposure of the NFTs over the marketplace and let more people see it.

Lower trading commision fee

When trading on the platform, the verified token holder is also entitled to a lower commission.

Power to participate and get involved

CERT holders are given the right to participate in protocol governance and be part of the platform's moderation.

Content voting weekly

CERT is used in helping curate the content on the platform. Verified holders can vote on which asset belongs to its weekly community's choice.

Priority right on exclusive trading

Having verified tokens will also enable holders to obtain priority on the auction of special assets, access exclusive sales.

Join the CERT Token Sales

The purchased CERT Tokens will be immediately granted to your Metamask account


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